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Important Information for New Clients

Thank you for choosing HostPapa!

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Note: You’ll want to have your welcome email handy as it includes your client ID, password, server name, and shared IP address.

No idea what we’re talking about? The welcome email has subject line: Welcome to the HostPapa family! and should have landed in your inbox shortly after you ordered. Please check your spam folder first, but if you didn’t receive it, please contact HostPapa Customer Care.

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 Get Started

Are you new to web hosting? Don't worry - we're here to help! New customers can also take advantage of a 30-minute one-on-one session with a PapaSquad Expert3.

Here are some helpful steps you can take to get your website up and running, with links to more info on this page about each:

Are you new to web hosting? Don’t worry - we’re here to help! New customers can also take advantage of a 30-minute one-on-one session with a PapaSquad Expert3.

Here are the first 4 steps you can take to get your website up and running, with links to more info on this page about each:

Step 1: Log in to your dashboard
This is the control of your HostPapa account. Start here by logging in to access the two key areas you’ll need for steps 2 and 3: The My Website and My cPanel tabs. Learn more about dashboard by reading the HostPapa Dashboard section. Are you transferring your domain? Please read the
Domain Name & DNS Information section.

Step 2: Set up your website
The My Website tab in your dashboard will launch our easy-to-use Website Builder, where you can choose a template and configure your website. No coding or design skills are required! Learn more by reading the Website Builder section.

Step 3: Set up your email
To set up email addresses, click the My cPanel tab in your dashboard, then find the Mail icon. You can get more info by reading the Email Setup section.

Step 4: Set up your SSL Certificate
HostPapa provides Let's Encrypt SSL certificates for each domain in our customers' cPanel accounts so if you are a Starter or Business hosting customer, your domains already have SSL certificates enabled. For more information about SSL certificates click here.

As a Starter or Business plan customer, you can purchase a globally recognizable Single SSL Certificate. An SSL certificate also provides your website with a security seal in the browser’s address bar. It is a widely recognized symbol that will assure your visitors that any data they enter on your website is safe and secure with 256-bit encryption. The purchased certificate will be automatically added to your website. SSL security will also show a padlock on your website and provide https: encryption security which is now required by Google for your website to appear as safe in Google’s Chrome browser.

If you are a Business Pro customer, you are entitled to a free upgraded GlobalSign Wildcard SSL certificate for your primary domain. In the Service Setup section of your HostPapa Dashboard, you’ll be able to install and activate it. For instructions on how to do so, read this article.

If you’d like to use a third party SSL certificate, please read this article.

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 Website Migration

Our PapaSquad experts will be more than happy to transfer your website from your current webhost over to our servers at no extra cost+.

To request a free website transfer, simply login to your HostPapa dashboard and open a support ticket. Make sure the subject line mentions that you’d like to transfer your website from your current provider. In the message, please include the name of your current host, the URL of your website and any other additional information you may think will help us.

A member from the PapaSquad will reply asking for additional information and login credentials to your current hosting provider so they can begin the process of transferring your website over to HostPapa.

Click here to log in to your HostPapa Dashboard and open a ticket

Note: We review each free transfer request individually. Depending on your current hosting provider’s website and hosting configuration, we might be limited to what we can and cannot transfer.

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 HostPapa Dashboard

Your dashboard puts a range of HostPapa services at your fingertips, including the ability to access our powerful website builder, manage your cPanel, add and make changes to services on your account, manage your domain(s), access support tickets, update your contact and billing information, and more.

Log in to your HostPapa dashboard here: http://www.hostpapa.com/dashboard

Your dashboard username and password are provided in your welcome email.

Please ensure all personal and billing information stays up-to-date. For security purposes, please also ensure that you maintain and protect your password and all personal information associated with your account.

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 HostPapa Website Builder*

All shared web hosting accounts automatically include HostPapa Website Builder software. This powerful tool features professional design templates and simple walk-through instructions to get your website up and running fast - no coding required! If you are new to web hosting and are not familiar with website design software, then HostPapa Website Builder will be a great option for building your first website.

The Business Pro plan includes the Website Builder Business Edition, which allows you the flexibility to build up to 1000 pages. The Starter and Business web hosting plans include the Website Builder Starter Edition, which will allow you to build up to two pages. Need more pages or functionality, including Advanced CSS editing? You can change your hosting plan to Business Pro, or upgrade your Website Builder solution in your HostPapa dashboard in the My Website tab.

To access HostPapa Website Builder:

  1. Log in to your HostPapa dashboard: http://www.hostpapa.com/dashboard
  2. Click on the My Website tab.
  3. Click the Launch button. A new browser tab will open and you can then start building your website.

Our knowledge base is packed with detailed information and helpful tips on how to use HostPapa Website Builder:

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  cPanel Information

HostPapa uses the web hosting industry's #1 control panel (cPanel), allowing you to easily manage your domain name and all of the services associated with that domain.

You can access your cPanel account by logging in to your dashboard and clicking on the My cPanel tab. The first time you login, you'll need your cPanel username and password, which appears in your welcome email.

You may also benefit from watching our instructional videos on how to use cPanel at /tutorials/Tutorials_Cpanel.shtml

Please note: When you login to your control panel for the first time, you can view your file structure using File Manager. It is very important that you do NOT delete any folders and files in this file manager, as this could cause your site to malfunction.

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  FTP Information

To access your web hosting space, you will need to know how to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) software. There are numerous websites and information resources on the various software to use, or you can upload your files using built-in FTP software from web design software, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or even our very own HostPapa Website Builder.

Our instructional videos located at /tutorials/Tutorials_FTP.shtml show how to use the more popular FTP programs, such as SmartFTP and CuteFTP.

To connect to the server, please use either your domain name or the IP Address associated with your account in order to FTP your files.

FTP login information

Please consult your welcome email for the info below.

FTP host name: Enter your domain name (Note: If propagation has not yet occurred, enter your shared IP address here instead)

Username: Enter your username

Password: Enter your password

FTP directory: www/

When uploading your web files to the server, you should upload them to the main directory, which is either the /www directory or /public_html directory. Either will work.

Please note: Some FTP programs do not require the final slash ("/") in the FTP directory setting.

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  Domain Name and DNS (Domain name server) Information

Domain Name Information

Your domain name is perhaps the most important aspect to your website; as such, you should take care to understand your rights and obligations for your domain. Please be sure to read the following information and if you have any questions, please be sure to reference our knowledgebase regarding domain names.

New domains are registered and managed for clients and are automatically renewed each year, so long as the client is hosted with HostPapa.


We renew your primary domain name automatically each year you are hosted with us; however, we are not the registrar. We work with a well-established and ICANN-accredited third party to register and renew your domain names. Having said that, there are over 90,000,000 domain names registered or renewed each year. Because technology is not 100% infallible, the ultimate responsibility for your domain name is yours. Please be sure to mark down the dates on which your domain names should renew each year and check to make sure that those domains that should be renewed, are renewed. You can view your domain name renewal dates by typing in your domain name at: http://www.whois.net

Please contact HostPapa Customer Care if you have any further questions about your domain name.

Transferring Your Domain Name
Our knowledgebase provides valuable information on transferring your domain.

Domain Name Server (DNS) Information

This information ensures that your domain name is properly pointed to the HostPapa servers and is required if your domain name is registered with a third-party domain registrar. In order for your domain name to function at HostPapa, you must ensure that the domain name servers (DNS) associated with your domain name are pointed to HostPapa.

If you purchased your domain through HostPapa:
The DNS addresses are set as default and no action on your part is necessary.

If you are transferring your domain to HostPapa:
You will need to change your name servers at your domain registrar (where you registered your domain) and change the name servers associated with your account to the HostPapa name servers listed below.

Detailed, step-by-step instructions can be found in video format here: /tutorials/Tutorials_DomainSetup.shtml

Simply refer to the Setup your Domain Name Server videos and find your registrar to learn how to make the necessary changes.

Please use the following DNS information at your third-party registrar:


Keep in mind that if you do change your DNS, it will take 24-72 hours for the domain name to propagate. We recommend that you upload the content of your website and set up your email addresses prior to changing your DNS. This will virtually eliminate any downtime you may experience while transferring your domain name, website and email to HostPapa.

You may also view your website prior to propagation by using your shared IP address and username (both provided in your welcome email) in the format that follows:


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  Email Setup

With HostPapa’s Business and Business Pro plans, you can set up unlimited email accounts2. The Starter plan allows you up to 100 email accounts. Simply log into your cPanel and access the Mail icon. Once here, you will be asked for the email address you would like to set up with your domain name, as well as to choose a password. For example, you could choose webmaster@yourdomain. and a password you can remember.

This is the information you will need to use when setting up your email accounts on personal computers or mobile devices.

Our email video tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up email on a variety of platforms:

Information required to set up email accounts includes the following:
Incoming Mail Server (POP3): mail.yourdomain.
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP): mail.yourdomain.

Some additional notes on email set up:
Our SMTP Outgoing email server requires server authentication for your outgoing email (please see our Knowledgebase article as a reference: /knowledgebase/error-0x800ccc65-your-outgoing-smtp-e-mail-server-has-reported-an-internal-error-the-server-responded-503-valid-rcpt-command-must-precede-data/). Some users who are using ADSL High Speed Access may need to use the SMTP outgoing server from their Internet Service Provider (ISP), as their service is set up to use their servers for all outbound emails. Please consult with your ISP if you are still having issues with outgoing email after following these detailed instructions.

You can access your email anytime through HostPapa's Webmail services.

Webmail access: www.yourdomain./webmail
Simply use the same email address and password combination that you used when setting up your email address(es).

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  Special Offers

One of the most important aspects to starting a new website is getting people to see it. In order to help you show your website to the world, we've partnered with some of the biggest companies in marketing. Don't miss out on any of our special offers - boost your traffic now! You can find these promotions when you log in to your HostPapa control panel. Just look under Search Engine Marketing and Web Design & Marketing on the main control panel screen.

You will also see a number of special offers and helpful tips to build your website in our HostPapa customer newsletters. Take advantage of these offers today as our special thanks for being our customer!

Yahoo!/Bing $40.00 Search Marketing Credit
We are happy to be working with Bing/Yahoo! Search Marketing, a leading search engine. Advertise your website with Bing/Yahoo Sponsored Search. Sign up and get a $40.00 credit into your new account:  

Google AdWords™ $100.00 Credit1
Your customers are using Google – shouldn't you be there too? To get you started, HostPapa is offering $100.00 in Google AdWords credit1. Google AdWords™ ads promote your business beside relevant Google search results. Take advantage of this offer now: http://www.google.com/adwords/?channel=gdn

Amazon Product Ads™ $75.00 Credit
Online shoppers head to Amazon as the go-to store for anything and everything. Shouldn't your online business be promoted on the largest web-based store in the world? Think of the potential!

HostPapa is offering all customers $75.00 in Amazon Product Ads credit. Amazon Product Ads promote your business beside relevant Amazon search results, driving consumer traffic to your website. It’s a great way to reach new customers and boost sales! Make sure you benefit from this great promotional tool: https://hostpapasupport.com/go/amazon-product-ads.shtml

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  Customer Care

Answers to hundreds of frequently asked questions appear in our FAQ Knowledge Database: /knowledgebase

Video Tutorials:
HostPapa's helpful instructional videos provide a complete overview of how to set up and run web hosting services: /tutorials/video.shtml

Customer Support:

If you need help at any time, please contact us:

By support ticket: https://hostpapa.com/dashboard

By telephone:

Support ticket tips/info: /knowledgebase/how-to-open-and-access-support-tickets/

HostPapa Support Terms of Service

Please keep in mind that we make every attempt to provide excellent service levels to our customers when they have questions or requests for service or technical support. The best way to reach our Customer Care Team is by opening a support ticket, which will put your request into priority sequence. In order to offer excellent hosting services at such affordable prices, the service demands and requests by our customers must be at a "reasonable" level. This means that consistently high levels of service requests or urgent demands for service will burden our other clients and is therefore not acceptable. Clients with an unreasonably high demand for service will be eventually be asked to pay a "per hour" rate for our service technicians' time or their account may be terminated.

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  Basic Training 30-minute Session3

To give you the best possible web hosting experience from the start, we’re now offering HostPapa Basic Training!

As a new Business or Business Pro plan client, you are entitled to a free 30-minute One-On-One Dedicated Session with a PapaSquad Expert via phone or Skype. Starter plan customers may purchase this session at the regular rate of $49.95. A PapaSquad Expert will answer any questions you might have about getting the most out of your hosting package, and teach you how to use the tools available.

Learn more and book your session today by visiting http://www.hostpapa.ca/one-on-one-support

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Thank you once again for choosing HostPapa!


HostPapa Customer Care