How to highlight messages in Outlook

Outlook supports a range of options for highlighting or “flagging” messages for importance, follow-up, or other reasons. Email messages can even be color-coded to match user-specified categories.

Set and remove Follow Up flags

Follow-up flag

Hover over a message in your inbox and click the red flag. A follow up message will be displayed in the email message header.

Message header

Alternatively, click the Follow Up button in the ribbon’s Home tab.

Home tab

To view all messages with Follow Up flags, click View > To-Do Bar > Tasks.


The To-Do Bar pane opens, displaying all flagged messages.

To-Do bar

To remove the Follow Up flag, right-click the email message and choose Follow Up > Clear Flag.

Clear flag

Create color categories

To highlight messages using color categories, you’ll need to open the Categorize menu. Note the color categories are not supported on IMAP inboxes.

In the ribbon, select Home > Categorize > All Categories. You can label a category color by selecting it and clicking Rename. Type the label and press Enter.

To highlight an email message with a category color, right-click the message, select Categorize and then chose the color from the selection displayed on screen.

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